Philip Luddite is performance and visual artist. Lives and works in Tampere, Finland.

More then twenty years, Philip Luddite has been active artistically in the fields of painting, installation, video, collage and performance art. The themes he is working with can be found in subjects like ritualism, archetypes, death, sexuality and gender, collective unconsciousness, alchemy and outsider art.


mei pienTeemu Takatalo(b. 1979) is Finnish visual artist, songwriter and film maker. Everyday politics and alternative ways-of-living are often the topic of his utopic-documentative video-works, photographs, installations and sound-works.

Takatalo is the founder of an artistic city research unit Center of Urban Expeditions. He has been part of Floating Residence Project, building D.I.Y. river rafts from recycled materials in Lithuania 2005 and in Germany 2006. During years 2007 and 2008 Takatalo walked from Brussels to Istanbul with his colleague Raila Knuuttila. In 2010 he and bunch of other artists and craftsmans build another recycled material water vessel. Sailing boat Silakka was launched on Baltic sea on the same summer and sent on voyage to research the complexity of our self-destructive contemporary lifestyle and society. Since 2011 Takatalo has been working with problems of consumerism and so-called green capitalism. The results has been compiled in series of art-works under the title Enlighten Consumer. In 2016 Takatalo published his first solo album Vallankumous kämmenellä.


Lost FoundationThe Lost Foundation is anonymous group of artists beyond all categories. Based on information from eye witnesses The Lost Foundation has had exhibitions in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium and so.

The Lost Foundation in

writings: Lost Manifesto


Tommi TaipaleTommi Taipale(b.1977) is a photographer that lives and works in Tampere (Finland). He graduated in photography in 2007 (BA, Lahti Institute of Design, Finland). Since his childhood Taipale has been an enthusiast of trekking and exploring the surroundings. As photo-documentarist, he has special interest in slow intuitive travelling, in areas where the distinction between nature and culture is not obvious. Taipale has made extensive trips to Russia which he calls experimental adventures. He has worked several years with independent journalist Sampsa Oinaala. Together they have released numerous reportages of peripheries of Finland, including a radio documentary about the Talvivaara mining area. Lately Taipale has been busy learning traditional log-building techniques. Taipale`s photographs have been exhibited in solo and joint exhibitions in Germany, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.


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Download Vallankumous Kämmenellä Album

Download Vallankumous Kämmenellä Album from here: and give your support directlly for the artist.

Vallankumous kämmenellä

Teemu Takatalon ensimmäinen pitkäsoitto Vallankumous kämmenellä on julkaistu. Levyjä myydään hyvin varustelluissa levykaupoissa ja niitä voi tilata suoraan kustantajalta.

The Gospel of the Enlightened Consumer screening in Helsinki

6th of October, The Gospel of the Enlightened Consumer @ Kaiku Gallery, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, Finland. Organizer has not publish the time of screening yet. Follow the program of the event:

Silakka kirja/Silakka book

Pelastusalus Silakka -kirja (toim. Juha Mehtäläinen, Tommi Taipale ja Teemu Takatalo) saatavilla: Tampere: Tulenkantajien kirjakauppa Hämeenpuisto 25; Helsinki: Mustan kanin kolo, Hämeentie 28, Rosebud kirjakaupat Kiasmassa tai Hämeentie 48. Tilaukset: Palladium kirjat – tai suoraan Silakan miehistöltä This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ja This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Silakka -book available in Tampere: Tulenkantajien kirjakauppa Hämeenpuisto 25; in Helsinki: Mustan kanin kolo, Hämeentie 28, Rosebud book stores in Kiasma or Hämeentie 48. Mail orders: Palladium books – or straight form Silakka crew This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Rescue Boat Baltic Herring book releace!

Long waited book Rescue Boat Baltic Herring will be published on 10th of September 8.30pm at Tulliklubi, Tampere Finland.